Sasak Traditional Tour


Traditional Sasak Lombok Tour provides tour packages to visit Lombok(Lombok Kuta beach area)

Visiting :

  • Banyumulek Pottery Centre
  • Sukarara handweaving village
  • Sengkol original Sasak village
  • Kuta and Tanjung Aan beaches

Description :

Kuta on the island of Lombok Kuta, If you hear the name, your mind will be focused on Kuta Beach in Bali. But you try to visit the island of Lombok, you will also find that Kuta Beach is much more stunning and natural, than Kuta Beach in Bali.

 Kuta Beach is located in the village of Kuta, Central Lombok, Kuta Beach Visiting, your views will be spoiled with the charm of blue water and surrounded by rows of hills that create a beautiful blend of colors, the blue water and green hills. The uniqueness of this beach is unique sand grains that are not on the beach – the beach is more like a pepper granular convenient to pass so many tourists who do not use footwear as it can help expedite blood circulation.

 Tourist programs as follows:

Pick up from Hotel after breakfast at the Hotel lobby,the time at 08;00am until 09;00am and continues visit at the village Banyumulek(to make pottery)in the village every guest can try to make pottery and enjoy as long as they want and than can be taken approximately one hour drive from Senggigi, The Village is the center of Lombok pottery manufacture with quality export to many countries in the world, after visiting the village,is the village fabric manufacture Sukara woven Sasak/Songket cloth,after the other in the village visit Rambitan or Sade that is sasak village where there are indigenous Sasak house which still retain their shape and authenticity and is inhabited by 150 families. Next trip heading to the island of Lombok Kuta Beach, which visited the coast of Cape and A’an Beach,to see white sand and take For A’an beachdo not need to worry because here there are many restaurant to enjoy your lunch. Tour This tour takes about 8-9 hours and after you are satisfied enjoyed this tour, the afternoon we spoke back to Hotel

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Photo Visiting  :

banyumilek_potry Sukarara-handweaving-village
Sengkol-original-Sasak-village Kuta-and-Tanjung-Aan-beaches
mawun_beach selong_beach