Pink Beach Tour


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  • Tangsi Beach
  • Tanjung Ringgit
  • Ekas
  • Sukarara
  • Praya
  • Water Palace

Description :

Pink Beach Lombok is actually not a new finding for Destinations and Attractions Lombok. The beach is actually named Coast barracks was called because of the color Pink sand beach is dominated by the color Pink. The beach is located in the small village Sekaroh, Jerowaru East Lombok district is part of Tanjung Ringgit, but due to the location and road infrastructure may be inadequate so the beach is not exposed Pink is a media and tourists.

Barracks in the Big Indonesian Dictionary defined the word “dorm” or “barracks”. Somehow the beginning of history, but if looked at from the surrounding circumstances, it may be in this place is the location that was once used as the headquarters of the Japanese army. This was evidenced by the presence of artificial caves and also a relic cannon Japanese invaders.

One thing that is the main attraction of the beach barracks / Pink Beach is a sand-colored Pink aka Pink. If and only two in Indonesia lho Pink sandy beaches, one of which is located on the island of Komodo NTT. When viewed more closely, it is actually the original color is actually white sand beach, but because it is mixed with crushed pieces of pink coral, natural procession along the reef and flake fragments are then fused and formed pink, especially when exposed to sea water and exposed sun, so that its Pink color was obvious.

Besides sand beaches distinctive pink color, this beach also has a very impressive natural scenery. Surrounded by cliffs – cliffs high enough to Berugak (sort of cabin / pavilion) thereon which are provided to the tourists enjoy the expanse of the open sea. The view from the top of the cliff will also make you fascinated with the beautiful panorama below the cliffs. Aroma typical sea water, caresses breeze and the sound of waves hitting the reef makes the heart anyone who visit here be quiet.

the local village say the barracks Coastal / Beach Pink takes two hours from the city of Mataram, considerable distance away. Exactly the same route with the route to Tanjung Ringgit, because the two adjacent locations. Only barracks beach entrance is on the left, approximately 1 KM prior to Tanjung Ringgit. Well at the entrance there are instructions / small signs to the left of the road reads “PINK beach 50 meters”

Pink Beach has a fairly quiet flow with waves that are very small,so cool to play – play and do no harm. If you could go snorkeling, you will be amazed by the coral reefs are very beautiful. Although some point coral reefs are visible only in the form of the rest of the remaining coral reefs have been destroyed by the anchor – anchor the boat fisherman

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tangsi_beach Tanjung-Ringgit