We provide all information about Lombok island natural  tourism by detail information below :

The Pengsong Hill
In the hilly area there us a Pura ( temple ) honoured by Hindu worshipers from the hill we can see a beautiful natural scene. A vast receffeld ucs on the foot of the hill, a harmonious natural life. A farmer holding a car abag or tailing the land pursuing simple intentions, is blended with mothe nature-here lives a family of tame monkeys, living free a god’s blessing.

Benang-Setokel-Waterfall  sendang_lombok

The Susu Cave
This cave is situated in the Gunung Rinjanji are not for from the lake Segara Anak. This cave derived its name from its wall which is white as milk. ( susu ) the insided of the wall is not. So that we can hold out several minutes only. The inhabitants of Lombok use this cave as a place to live as an ascentic ( tapa ) . to obtain spiritual knowledge or waters related to mystic.

Rinjani Mountain
The area of Rinjani Mountain is an area which have on old natural and cultural attraction. The beauty of flora and fauna and its specific surroundings have made this area a national park.
Attraction or Rinjani is not only because of the natural beauty, but also this mountain in shrouded in mythical obscurity for the Lombok community, both for worshipers of the Islam, Hindu, or Budha who live in the villages. But also the nature of the Rinjani area has multivaries forms. This area is mountainous, with the mountains of sangkarenag, Baru jari , Kondo, Rinjani and many other mountains in this area is also found the lake segara anak, the Rinjani crater, a waterfall. Several caves which add beauty to natural here.
The Rinjani mountain is the highest mountain in the island of Lombok the secon highest mountain in Indonesia and the third highest ,mountain in the world it is 3.726 m high.
The amazing and incredible natural phenomenon has created mystical beliefs in the community. The Rinjani mountain sereval natural phenomena in this area is made sacred place for ceremonies, study of spiritual teachings lokking for answer for problem of sickness etcetera. The top of the Rinjani maountainis considered as the abode of Dewi Anjani the queen of jins in the lombok island.

Sendang Gile Waterfall
This tourism object lies in the village of Senaru Bayan on the northern part of west Lombok. The water falls is about 75 m high.
The area is very suitable for camping for young people. In the surrounding of this place there are also stay and where you can eat. The distance from the village of Bayan is about 8 km, this place can be reached by public transport and lies on the path to the Gunung Rinjani area.

Torean Waterfall.
This water fall is situated in the forest area of the Forean Bayan. In the northern part of lombok barat. This place can be reached within appoxximately 2 hours on foot from torean through the forest.
The sound of water on the stone formation is like a harmonius song, the stone relief around the waters fall increase the beauty of the green surrounding.

Benang Setokel Waterfall

Benang Stokel in the village of Aik Berik in Central Lombok is about 27km east of Mataram, a little less than an hour’s drive. Locally Benang Stokel is well-known for its 2 waterfalls, the Benang Kelambu waterfall and the likewise named Benang Stokel. Benang stokel is amazing waterfall benang kelambu or benang stokel waterfall.A lot rice teracce or tobacco area here

 Gangga Waterfall

It’s in the middle of nowhere, a bit harder to reach, about 7-15km south from the main road over a sloppy and pot-whole infested small track towards the mountains. But the view you will get when reaching there is quite amazing. Nested in Rice Paddies with the mountains as your background, the Gangga Waterfall consists actually of 3 smaller separate falls, one hidden behind a small track through the rocks in a shady cave-like hall. They have as well a bat cave further down the stream, if you don’t mind tracking another 10 minutes through the rice paddies. After you could rest a while, drinking strong, home-grown Lombok Coffee, spiked with fresh Bourbon Vanilla Beans or Chocolate Fruit, which are grown here in the paddies as well.

 Tetebatu Rice Terrace Field

Tetebatu is located on the south slope of Gunung Rinjani, 11km north of the main road that runs east-west across the center of the island. Tetebatu’s elevation is 400m, about half that of Sanda / Pupuan. Views are wonderful and the local scene very peaceful with rice and tobacco being farmed. Temperatures are cool and cloud will often cover the sky providing relief from the intense tropical sun.