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Travel to the island of Lombok Indonesia Asia gives you a very good experience nature without the phone ringing, no traffic jams, no crowds, no hurry, and is covered by natural desert beautiful green end, native smiley face hit you in the whole island , wonderful aroma of fresh green will sniff the air, all accompanied by the personal with our staff throughout the day for more …

Lombok Island Information
Lombok is located just east of Bali, and can be reached in just 25 minutes by plane or one hour by a new fast boat service from Bali. Lombok is fast emerging as Indonesia’s new destination and a paradise for those seeking beauty un spoiled from the “old Bali”. Indeed, many people called Lombok as the Bali 20 years ago “, but in this case is true, when you want to consider landscape and unique culture of Lombok. Like the old local word go: You Can See Bali in Lombok, but You Can not See Lombok in Bali.

 Bali Island Lombok almost as large, and such famous brother, has a variety of attractions and activities for all types of travelers. Wheatear you’re looking for action and adventure, discover different cultures and traditions, or lazing on the beaches are perfect in the sun.

Lombok Island is a new tourist destination with a pristine environment, fascinating culture, stunning beaches and islands, forests and waterfalls, and world – class trekking in Mt. Rinjani and the island also combine with a fantastic, diving fishing and ecotourism opportunities, and exotic tropical lifestyle, and Lombok clearly was the winner.

 Visiting small villages and towns to see the authentic lifestyle, unchanged by tourism, shopping for traditional handicrafts, weaving and pottery, or witness exciting dance and musical performances unique to Lombok. Wherever you go, you will be greeted with a smile and friendly hospitality Sasak.

 Lombok Island is also delighted at the clean ocean bordered by beautiful sandy beach, and lined with coconut trees, Or visit the famous “GILI ISLAND” for world-class diving and snorkeling, boating and water sports. Turquoise swimming in clear water during the day and, at night, dine in some restaurants in Lombok BST.

 On the island of Lombok you’ll find a wide range of accommodation to suit your personal tastes and budgets from luxury resorts to strange luxurious thatched bungalows on the beach. Enjoy a sumptuous meal in Senggigi or eating grilled fish on the beach on the island of Gili. Climb the famous volcano in the world. Rinjani 3726, or massage at the Spa Mandra, Challenge-Bangko Bangko big wave, or a pedicure at the Senggigi Beach. And so on …. Options are endless.

Come and discover the wonders of Lombok, Get the feeling living in New heaven on earth, and then let you imagine to fly over … .!!!!

Lombok, Indonesia today has become the new “in” destination. s Lombok region ‘and a population only slightly smaller than Bali. There are cultural relations between the two islands.

Called “Lombok” said derived from the fiery red chili peppers, used as a seasoning in Indonesia, although this may be folk etymology. Lombok is also called “Earth Gora” by Sasak – indigenous people of Lombok, which means dry farmland.

 Little is known of the prehistory of Lombok, but mentiond in the 14th century chronicle of the great kingdom of Majapahit in East Java as a dependency. Right now, Islam was introduced to the religion of Lombok and the Papuan people until now.

In the 17th century, Bali, Lombok is dominated by the state of Karangasem and then followed by the Netherlands. Lombok got full independence in 1949 became part of the new province of West Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara)

Lombok is a small island, which lies just 80km from east to west and about the same distance from north to south. There are several clusters of small islands off the coast of Lombok, all words are called Gili, Sasak means island. The islands most famous is Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, Gili Meno and relaxing white sandy beaches, calm and clear water, colorful fish species, and the best snorkeling and diving in Lombok.

Lombok is dominated by Mount Rinjani, the highest volcano in Indonesia. Rinjani crown group of mountains that dominate the north – the center of the island.

Lombok’s population is just over three million, dominated by Sasak (90%) and the rest is the number of Bali and some Chinese, Javanese, Bugis and Arabs. The Sasaks are Muslims and have much in common with the Javanese. They are now scattered in central and eastern Lombok. Most of the Balinese live in the western part of Lombok.

In Lombok, a strong arts activity in certain villages, but rarely in the other. Cultural performances are much less frequent than in Bali. Dance and music are directly linked to cultural identity in Lombok and especially customs associated with birth, circumcision, courtship, and marriage.
Bali large minority in West Lombok defend their temple festivals and performing arts at the festival only.

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