We provide all information about Lombok island handicraft tourism by detail information below :

craftThe village of Sukarare lies in the Kabupaten or Lombok Tengah 28 km from the town of mataram. The sound of the traditional weaving machines is heard every day, in harmony with the ideas of the people in this village which is usually very simple . the culture here is age of three ancestors as from the olden times is still cored for to this day, women’s hand in these villages have products. Here is found traditional weaving products which have a high artistic value, consisting of fine motifs and designs. They are using materials with gold and silver yarn.

Pejanggik leis 4 km of town of praya. Almost 80 persen of the population of this village is engaged weaving handicraft. The motifs of the product from the villageed of sukarare. Apart from weaving industry we can also see a burial place of king of the Pejanggi, lombok notfar from the center of handicraft mentioned.

The village of Banyu Mulek lies 6 km from the town mataram and is one of the villages of earthen ware handicraft in the village of Lombok.
In this village the earthen ware handicraft if also made from generation to generation successively.

The village of Suranadi lies in the Kabupaten of east Lombok. This is a village which is famous for its bamboo and lontar leaves, manufacture of baskets add the fame of this village as a central of handicraft industry.

Loyok and Kutaraja
This village lies in the Kabupaten of east lombok and is famous for its Bamboo and rattan handicraft products. They manufacture bags baskests-boxes and others. Their product are done beautifully accurately which increase the quality and out look of the product in kotaraja extist also a small industry for the production of axes chopping – knifes crowbars, hoes and others.


The Beleke Village
The Beleka village is a village the population where of is engaged mostly in carving of rattan, pleats, for earthen wares apart from agriculture as the main means of living. This village lies 10 km east the town of praya, kabupaten of central Lombok.

Rungkang Sayang and Labuapi
This village lies in the Kabupaten of West Lombok and is famouse for wood carving such as antique boxs, plate, statue and etc.